LIFE PROJECT 'Optimisation of the European Proposed Site Of Interest Lippe Flood Plain Between Hamm and Hangfort'
The River Lippe Floodplain Project in Hamm
The Hamm Approach to Restoration
Local authority
The Umweltamt (County Environmental agency) of Hamm, Germany is the local authority responsible for issues concerning environment, water protection and nature conservation. 

Project Partners
 Lippeverband, Germany
Kreis Warendorf, Germany
 Arbeitsgemeinschaft Biologischer Umweltschutz, Germany
Project Objectives   [cited from the Eurpean Commission's website]:
 "The project aims at restoring the natural river and floodplain dynamics in the proposed Site of Community Interest (pSCI).
Along a 5,500 m section of the River Lippe, the river bank reinforcement will be removed in order to promote the re-instatement of natural erosion and sedimentation processes. Additionally, a 585 m stretch of a small side stream will be renaturalised. As a result, new natural river habitats will be established and on 110 ha of land the frequency of flooding will be increased. Several weirs and small barriers in the River Lippe will be removed, to facilitate the migration of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), river lamprey (Lampetra fluviatilis) and asp (Aspius aspius).
On 40 hectares of wet grasslands, the restoration of the natural hydrology will be achieved by blocking ditches, and 2.6 ha of arable land will be converted into grassland.
For the general public, a nature trail and an observation tower will be established, and a guided access to the nature area will be provided"

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A critical analysis of efforts concerning the restoration of natural river and floodplain dynamics between Hamm and Hangfort

Aerial View
 State of site before starting restoration
 Restoration I
 Restoration II
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